Who is 1st Watch Monitoring?

1st Watch Monitoring is a software company that grew out of the necessity to monitor SAP systems by Basis Administrators. Some of the initial pioneers that built the first prototypes were Basis Admins who were tired of the drudgery and time wasted by monitoring SAP systems manually (one transaction and SID at a time).

Originally 1st Watch was developed as an internal tool to help our sister company, 1st Basis, do their monitoring as SAP Basis Admins. Over time, as we expanded the system to more and more of our customers landscapes, we realized that it was time to give back to the SAP community in some way, by making this monitoring tool available to anyone (including Managed Service Providers).

In 2015, 1st Watch became its own entity and is no longer a part of 1st Basis, so that we could service the broader community.

1st Watch was designed to allow for the most efficient use of SAP Basis resources and to fulfill the purpose of SAP Monitoring: to “ensure reliable operation” of your SAP Landscape. The result is a battle-hardened tool that is simple to use and economical to operate.

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Adding queue monitoring to the daily report has been a big help.  Normally a stuck queue wouldn’t have been caught until it’s built up for a week or two.
Jeff Mayfield, Watco Companies, Information Technology
1st Watch Monitoring with 1st Basis problem resolution provides us the kind of safety net they talk about. They are great!

Doug Allison, Director IT Business Systems at Trinity Packaging

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