Your data is the life blood of your company. Client information, financial reports and projections, inventory, human resources, and more — all involve data that needs to be collected, collated, stored, accessed, and worked with as necessary. When there are problems with the data, there are problems with the business. So maintaining vigilant monitoring of the various systems is crucial. 1st Watch provides agent-less monitoring for all your SAP systems (and some non-SAP ones as well). We think it’s important for you know what this means and why it’s a better choice than agent-based monitoring.

Agent-less Monitoring

In computing, “agent-less” means operations are performed without any service, daemon, or process needing to run in the background on the machine. It’s usually done remotely, by creating a user account on the machine requiring the monitoring, and then the agent-less programs can directly access the files needed. Agent-less monitoring is done by either a management server or by another device that has an agent, called a proxy agent. In agent-less monitoring, there is no need to install or run a new software related to the task itself.

Agent-Based Monitoring

Agent-based monitoring usually involves installing an agent (small executable) on or alongside the system needing monitoring. It automatically collects information on various aspects of the data streams, as determined prior to the installation. Typically, agent-based monitoring is used where in-depth monitoring and management is the primary goal. It’s important to remember that some devices don’t allow an agent to be installed; network and storage devices for example.

Ease of Agent-less Monitoring

Because there are no devices to install on your side, deploying agent-less monitoring is quicker and easier. The set up time comes down to creating a user profile for the monitoring team that accesses all the data streams needed. While it may require some testing to assure proper functioning, that is minimal, especially compared to the time and intrusiveness involved in installing multiple devices on your systems. Obviously, this is a lot less disruptive to your company’s daily working as well.

Lower Maintenance Costs

When you have agent-less monitoring, you don’t need to worry about extraneous costs that come with agent-based monitoring. Agent-based devices are quite expensive, and they may require regular upgrades that you’ll need to pay for as well. Agent-less monitoring uses the system platforms you already have and you know that SAP systems have excellent built-in capabilities. 1st Watch works in conjunction with what you have so you aren’t duplicating effort or paying twice for system monitoring.

Free Your Resources for Your Work

In agent-less monitoring, supervision of systems, and interpretation of data is moved off of your CPU. That allows you to use your resources more efficiently. While you will need the bandwidth to manage your different databases off site, that is becoming a basic requirement of doing business no matter what. With fewer of your internal resources committed to monitoring, you can re-deploy them to whatever aspects of your company need it, giving you greater flexibility.

Complexity Simplified

As your company has grown, so have your internal systems. The complexity of those systems will continue (you hope) and therefore, it means that you need to be able to monitor many more systems many more ways. All sorts of devices—physical (e.g. servers, routers, switches, storage devices), virtual (e.g. virtual machines, containers and cloud infrastructure), as well as middleware and applications—work together to keep your business running. Agent-less monitoring coordinates all these different devices and you end up with a clearly displayed dashboard. A single pain of glass, a single source of truth.

At 1st Watch, we’re committed to helping you do what you do best, run your business. With our monitoring system, you won’t have to worry about disruptions and delays, or expensive upgrades. We’ll be there, off site, making sure your systems run smoothly