Frequently Asked Questions

While SAP Solution Manager is a fine solution for monitoring for large companies that can afford the overhead, 1st Watch is intended to be a lightweight but capable system that is easy to install, maintain and update. The system can be installed in a week and is very economical (see Pricing Page).

Yes, 1st Watch is totally scalable and can manage Enterprise level and Managed Service Provider landscape (multiple customers). The system was designed to do just that (see Pricing Page).

The pricing is mainly calculated on production systems and a large number of non-production and non-SAP systems are included (as long as they are related to the SAP environment).

1st Watch is SAP-focused but can do some limited monitoring of SAP support systems. There are lots of other systems that specialize in infrastructure monitoring.

Yes, 1st Watch is totally scalable in this way and can keep the various landscape logically separated, but also represented on one report or dashboard. This is how we do Managed Service Provider monitoring also.

Yes, 1st Watch is a SaaS and can monitor SAP systems either on permit or in the cloud. Some limitations may apply if a collector is required.

We offer support as part of the 1st Watch Service Level Agreement (SLA). These vary per customer and fit with the landscape and fault tolerance of each customer.

We do offer access to extensive help documents, a sure forum and a help-line. The system works out of the box and isn’t complex enough to require training by the general user. MSPs can get training on how to run an 1st Watch installation as part of their onboarding and continued support.

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