Ransomware Recovery Readiness

Recovery Readiness

Are you prepared to recover from a ransomware attack?

It’s not a question of if, but when.

Understanding Ransomware Recovery Readiness


1)    With the exponential growth in cyber/ransomware attacks globally organizations worldwide seek clear guidance on how best to manage imminent attacks.

2)   The vast majority of industry expertise and analysis is focused on attack prevention and mitigation versus recovery.

3)    R-Score was developed by experts from across the industry to aid organizations in recovering from a ransomware attack.

4)    R-Score provides users with a credit score like rating that is based on an assessment of an organizations networking, data protection and cyber policies.

5)    R-Score is a free public service designed to reduce the economic and societal impact of ransomware attacks.


of US organizations have been a victim of one or more successful cyber attacks


Average cost of downtime over the Ransomware amount


ransomware attacks in the first 9 months 2020


Cost of ransomware attacks in 2019

Combating Ransomware

There are three important aspects in dealing with ransomware



Securing the people, business data and services



Detection of unusual activity and identification of malware existence



The organizations ability to recover after malware attack

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